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HomeNews500W dc-dc converters power 12 or 24V loads from traction batteries

500W dc-dc converters power 12 or 24V loads from traction batteries

Recom 500W RMOD500-WRecom has launched a range of 500W IP-67-enclosed dc-dc converters for powering loads from off-highway electric vehicle batteries.

Called RMOD500-W, the supplies have an input range of 32 – 96V, which spans nominal 48V, 60V, 72V and 80V batteries.

Depending on the unit, the output is 24.5, 23.5, 13.7, 13, 12.4 or 11.7V, and paralleling can be used to increase output current. Insulation is rated at 2.25kVdc.

A remote on-off connection is available, and all electrical connections are through a 12 circuit Molex MX150L series (19429-0047 and 0194180027).

All versions are 198 x 113 x 45mm including connectors, and are baseplate-cooled, needing a heatsink. Operation is over -40 to +90°C with no de-rating, providing the baseplate never exceeds 90°C and the ambient air can convect at at least 0.1m/s.

Protection includes input under-voltage and reverse-polarity, over-temperature and output over-current and over-voltage, and the parts have been qualified  to railway and other standards for EMC, shock, vibration, thermal shock, temperature cycling, salt mist, water ingress and dust ingress.

Water and dust sealing, including the connectors, allows the converters to be mounted in unprotected regions of a vehicle.

“The products can be used to generate an isolated power rail for auxiliary functions in electric vehicles in application areas such as material handling, construction, sports venues and in industry generally,” said the company’s Marco Kuhn.

The RMOD500-W product page can be found here and the qualification standards are listed in this data sheet.