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HomeNewsCEM Nemco joins Manufacturing Assembly Network

CEM Nemco joins Manufacturing Assembly Network

Nemco-marketMan-David-Duric-MD-Dave-Pearce-OpDir-Robert-ParkerContract electronics manufacturer Nemco has joined the Manufacturing Assembly Network (MAN), the collective of eight sub-contract manufacturers and and an engineering design agency.

As well as electronics manufacture services, MAN offers automation systems, control systems, precision machining, aluminium casting, forging, high-volume pressing, plastic injection moulding, tube manipulation and welded assembly. Its members employ more than 1,750 people across 13 largely UK-based factories.

“We offer new solutions that complement the core capabilities of other members in the Manufacturing Assembly Network,” said Nemco sales and marketing director David Duric (photo, left). “There is no competition within the group, so there is a great culture of transparency and best practice sharing that can only be good for our business.”

“The group boasts like-minded businesses who are progressive, ambitious and looking to grow,” he added.

Alongside Hertfordshire-based Nemco, MAN includes: Alucast, Barkley Plastics, Brandauer, Grove Design, James Lister & Sons, Kimbermills International, PP Control & Automation and Muller Holdings.

“Following the easing of lock-down, the group has secured a string of contracts across automotive, electronics, medical and renewables,” according to MAN.

“It has been a tough time in the manufacturing sector due to the global pandemic and its after-effects,” said Nemco’s Duric. “We effectively lost a year somewhere. Thankfully we recovered because we acted quickly. We planned ahead and we kept on investing in new machinery and strengthening our purchasing department to offset the rising costs of raw materials.”

Founded in 1985 by Dave Pearce (photo, centre), Nemco has 122 people in its 60,000ft2 production facility in Stevenage, focused on low and medium volume contract electronics manufacturing. It posted £11m turn-over in the last financial year.
Its clients are from sectors including aerospace, defence, industrial and medical, and it aims to expand into renewable energy and electric vehicles.



Manufacturing Assembly Network

Image from the left: Nemco sales and marketing manager David Duric, MD Dave Pearce and operations director Robert Parker