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HomeInvoice Statement

Invoice Statement

Invoice Information:

Dear all users, you will receive our official commercial invoice afterpurchasing from ICGogogo.com, please read the below instructioncarefully.

1, Instruction of issued invoice

Invoice will be issued from ICGogogo.com. Invoice amount will be subject to the amount of the actual amount you paid.
ICGogogo.com provides two kinds of invoices, VAT invoice (nondeductible) and VAT special invoice (Deductible).
In order to improve operating efficiency and avoid returns effect, invoice will be issued in 5 working days after users get goods.
Please fill in correct address, contact person, phone number to ensureinvoices can be delivered exactly. If you don't fill in theseinformation, ICGogogo.com will send invoice to the same address as goods shipped, so that we can contact you in time.

2, VAT invoice

ICGogogo.com usually issue VAT invoice for users who are not general taxpayer.
Please write the appropriate name of the company and the tax information within the invoice.

3, VAT special invoice

If you need to issue "VAT special invoice", please contact ouraccounting, otherwise ICGogogo.com's system will issue VAT invoice.
Please fill in and check carefully about all the invoice information, ICGogogo.com will not take responsibility if any mistake.
VAT special invoice will be sent by express after you confirm the shipment.
Please fill in company name, address, phone number, tax number, bankname and account, Invoice sending address, so that users can use VATspecial invoice normally, but all the filled information must be thesame as tax payment.
Company name must be the name of industrial and commercial registration.
Company address and phone number of invoice must be the same as your company information.
Tax registration number is the number on <<Tax registrationcertificate>>, 15 numbers usually, please check carefully andinput.
Bank name and account number must be wrote, for both of them.

4, Announcements

If users write wrong information for VAT special invoice, then ICGogogo.com will issue VAT invoice automatically, and withoutreturn.
ICGogogo.com will not accept the request for reissue VAT specialinvoice, if we already issued invoice according to users information.

5, Friendly reminder

If you have any doubt about issued invoice, please contact ICGogogo.com financial department.
If you don't receive invoice in 30 days after getting goods, pls contact ICGogogo.com customer service. We will not issue invoice secondtime if you can't contact us in 90 days (since order date).
Product name in invoice will be write Electronic Components, Part number will be write as real order, no any other special request.

6, Invoice return

Please contact our customer service if you find out invoice informationis incorrect as order, ICGogogo.com will replace and send correctones asap.
Please contact our customer service if you want to change invoiceinformation, we will send revised invoice to your indicated address after our financial department confirmed.
Without customer service approval, our financial department will notaccept the application for reissued invoice from telephone, fax, email.